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Alumnae Feedback

IYM alumnae go on to do amazing things in science and technology! Here are some of their stories.

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IYM further fuelled my fascination to learn more about the STEMM area. This set in stone my choice to pursue the three sciences and math as my Year 12 and 13 subjects.

Chiarella, Wellington Girls College

Surveyor Engineer

IYM 2022 has been one of the best opportunities I have ever had, I got to realise once again there are so many options and pathways for us to go into in STEMM. I realised that I should keep my options open not just closing my eyes to one thing. Before going to this programme, I was only thinking about going into medicine, but now that I have looked at other fields of STEMM, I'm slowly starting to think about other things too. I thought working in a chemistry lab with all the chemicals or biology lab, researching the ocean creatures was very interesting.

Anna, Newlands College

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