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Our Impact

Student success is our success

At IYM, we are committed to innovating and improving our programmes. Each year we gather feedback from programme participants and past alumnae to see how we’re doing. Our goals are for participants to have a life-changing experience that helps them gain confidence, learn more about career options in science and technology, and gain a network of like-minded women who can help them with whatever career they choose.

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We're changing lives!

Since it’s first 2017 programme, IYM has impacted the lives of 660 young women around New Zealand.

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IYM’s programmes are making an impact and its 2023 survey of 2017 – 2022 IYM graduates showed 84% of those who had left high school were studying or working in science and technology. Of the graduates who were still at high school, 81% plan to pursue STEMM after they finish and 12% have yet to make a decision.

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