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Meet The Team


Gaylene Hughes

Keeping us focused on the task at hand is Gaylene, our Chair and inaugural Trustee.

Gaylene first became involved with IYM when she accompanied a young woman (now an IYM alumnae) to Silicon Valley in 2019. This experience opened her eyes to the possibilities that the STEMM offered and sparked her passion to support more young women interested in this sector. As Chair, Gaylene brings a financial background, an eye for opportunity, and a vast network of local businesses. When something needs to be done, she knows the right person to ask! As a result we have a wide net of research and tertiary institutions, small businesses and individuals supporting IYM in various ways.

Gaylene’s advice for young people who are choosing a career path is to do something that they love to do and be open to opportunities and seize them firmly. It’s all about meeting people, stretching yourself, being confident and broadening your experiences. In the words of Dame Anita Roddick - “To succeed you must believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality”. Gaylene wholeheartedly agrees.


Allan Brown

Allan Brown understands the value that technology and innovation bring to Hutt City.

He was there when the idea for IYM was formed at a Rotary meeting and was one of the visionaries that brought the programme to life.

As an inaugural trustee, Allan brings a wealth of experience and insight into the manufacturing and technology industry.


He enjoys seeing the growth in the young people who participate in the IYM programme and hopes to see it continue for many years. 

Allan’s advice to young people is “to take every opportunity that comes your way, explore options and choose a path with long term prospects”.

In the words of Richard Branson - “You don’t learn to talk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”


Anne Ryan

Anne Ryan first became involved with IYM through her role working for Hutt City Council as Director of Hutt Science, an initiative that supports science and technology education in our schools and community. Anne has an extensive background in science education, particularly in the secondary sector, but also at primary and tertiary levels. She also has experience with research programmes and co-ordinating research projects. It is the knowledge, skills and strengths developed through these positions that she brings to IYM.

What Anne loves about IYM is the potential it offers to make a real impact on the lives of young women and the opportunity to support them in their future journey. She believes we need to work to achieve equitable access to and participation in such careers for all our young people.

In her spare time, Anne likes hanging out with her kids and grandkids, following their sports and getting out to the beach and river. She also enjoys doing a bit of “farming” on her lifestyle block and continuing her journey with Te Reo Māori.

Tūwhitia te hopo!
Fear it but do it anyway.

Communications & Funding Manager

Monique Warring

Monique joined the IYM team in May 2022 with a background in public relations and funding within not-for-profit organisations.


She has spent the past 13 years working in the youth sector and loves the energy and passion that young people have for life.

In her spare time, you’re most likely to find Monique somewhere outdoors – at the beach, walking her dog in the hills, or being part of the volunteer gardening team at Zealandia ecosanctuary.


Fleur Francois

Looking at what we do from a host perspective (at Callaghan Innovation) and as a woman working in the STEMM sector, Fleur brings valuable industry insight to our programme.

As a Trustee Fleur brings a passion and enthusiasm for seeing more women working in the sector. She brings experience in strategy, governance and risk management skills - and a desire to see greater diversity and inclusion in the STEMM sector. 

What excites Fleur about our programme is that we are inspiring the next generation of innovators and leaders. Her hope is that we continue to reach and inspire more young women to achieve their potential.

Fleur’s advice to young women is to choose a career path that aligns with their values and if you choose STEMM, you’ll probably end up working in a career that hasn’t been invented yet. That’s the beauty of STEMM. 

And remember  - it’s about progress, not perfection.


Gary Craig

Follow your passions and interests, is Gary’s advice to young people. 

From the inception of the trust until now, Gary has been an encouragement to young people at IYM and hopes to see the programme grow.


As a trustee representing Hutt City Council, Gary focuses on the development of STEMM. It is important to him that young people study the right subjects for a career opportunity in this sector. 

Even in his spare time, Gary is striving to make the most out of every moment, showing young people the importance of having personal goals.


One of his goals is for IYM to be internationally recognised, through promoting IYM to schools and bringing on board sponsors and funding.


Gary is well underway to achieve this goal.

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Programme Manager

Emma Stoddart

Emma is our new Programme Manager.


Emma comes to us from the Education sector, having worked as a science teacher for the past eight years specialising in biology.


Raised in the Wairarapa, she has worked in a range of schools including a Montessori high school and a private girls’ school, as well as spending some time working as a careers advisor.


Emma’s organisational skills, attention to detail and ability to connect with a wide range of people, make her a great fit for this role.


Her colleagues used to call her a walking calendar!


A mother of two girls, she Emma loves to spend time at the beach fishing or out boating.

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